Amy Brogan is a fully qualified Pilates instructor. She is certified in both Classical (All apparatus) and Contemporary (STOTT Mat & Reformer) Pilates. Amy is also a level 3 REPS Personal Trainer, Pre & Post Natal specialist and stretch therapist. Her main focus is to help people be the best that they can be; physically, mentally and spiritually. Being healthy is not just about physical fitness or having a well balanced diet. It is an all encompassing lifestyle which embodies many facets, it is a state of mind, a way of life and so much more than just looking good. It is the meaning of “balance”.

As a personal trainer Amy focuses on all aspects of health by conducting thorough consultations and assessing each individual's wants, needs and wishes whilst working with her clients to figure out how they are going to achieve their goals. As a mother herself Amy also works with a lot of Pre & Post Natal clients training them throughout their pregnancy. As a Pilates instructor Amy delivers strong dynamic classes catering for beginners, intermediates and advanced practitioners (depending on the class). She also offers 1:1 sessions for people wanting to develop and advance their practice.

Whatever you wish to achieve, Amy is there to help you do this.

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